Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back to my roots.....

So, I got to go home for a week to visit with family and friends and it was such a treat to have my whole family there (except for Ike...he stayed behind and worked so he could take our family vacation with us to California in August). It was an awesome trip and full of adventure. I don't think I had a day to relax the whole time until the last day (I'm not complaining, was so much fun). We went to the Virginia living museum (oh, and before that I got sprayed by a cat at the Humane Society...yuck!), Virginia Beach, Busch Gardens, the Outer Banks, NC, the Virginia Zoo, took family pictures and more! was jam packed! Here are a few pictures from the trip and I am still waiting to see what my sisters and mom hurry up you guys and send them! These are in reverse order from how they happened during the week because I didn't want to change it after I started posting!
THis first pic is of Dane on the last leg of the plane ride home...he was such a trooper! We were supposed to leave at 6:30 pm, but had major delays and didn't end up leaving until 12:30 am, got to Dallas at about 3 am, and didn't leave Dallas until 7am. Trying to sleep in the airport is not least the airline ordered us Pizza and gave us blankets! I would have taken hotel vouchers in Dallas if my layover was longer, but it was only a few hours, so I decided to tough it out. Dane looks pretty chipper for the night we had!

Dane with "Pop Pop" at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk before we left to come home. THis giraffe in the background worked so hard reaching over the fence to get some leaves off of that tree. We sat and watched him for about 5 minutes and he finally got it....yeah for him!

Dane with Jaelyn and Brooklyn (my friend, Simone's girls) climbing to Jockey's Ridge. Thanks for letting me stay with you Simone! Why didn't I get a pic of us? Dumb! I think you purposely took the pictures at Jockey's Ridge so you didn't have to be in any of them....sly one you are!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip...Dane at the top of Jockey's Ridge in the Outer Banks, NC.

My best friend from high school, Holly. She is 6 months pregnant and so cute. You can't even tell she's pregnant in this picture because she only shows in her belly. How lucky is she??

Finally....back to one of my favorite vacations spots from my youth...the Outer Banks, NC

Crash! Dane and Dylan on the bumper cars

Dane and cousin Dylan riding the boats at Busch Gardens

Dane and cousin, Lahna, playing at Virgina Beach

This one's a and Pop

Dane's older cousins...Heather, Hayley, Rebecca and Julian (and little Dylan)

One of my favorites of Dane and his cousins