Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Outer Banks Vacation!

Pop with 4 of his 5 daughters.  First day was HOT HOT HOT! We caught the end of the heat wave!

My boys and their cousin, Dylan!  They had so much fun together!

Grandkids and Pop Pop with his 69th birthday cake!

Hatteras Light House...the tallest one in the U.S.!  There was thunder so we couldn't go up.  So we came back another day!

My sister April and her family!

Jack Jack and Ty Ty!

Just chillin' on the beach!

We went to the "Digger Dungeon" one day and who walks in......the driver Dennis Anderson!  What are the odds...it was fun that we caught him!

All the kids and men went on a real monster truck ride!

There were tons of old and new trucks there!

Cute pic of my sister Meg and her kids!

Look Mom...I am as tall as a monster truck!

We stopped by the Wright Brothers museum and monument where the first flight took place!

Ike with Jack and Tyson.....so precious!

Making homemade ice cream on the deck!

Digging in the sand

We finally got to climb the lighthouse!  360 degree views

View from the other side with Tiff and Meg

Looking north toward where we were staying in Avon.

Such a fun trip!  I highlighted most of what we did with these pics.  We spent most days at the beach and took one or two days for sightseeing.  We had pretty good weather most of the time.  There were a few days of thunderstorms and heavy downpours but they were isolated and we still got time at the beach pretty much every day!  We have more pics on our water camera so I need to look through those! 

It was Ike's first time on the Outer BAnks so I'm glad that after about 10 years of marriage I was able to take him to one of my favorite vacation spots growing up.  My Pop has a beach house there we were able to meet up with most of that side of my family for a fun week!  The long travel days there and back were hard on me but the boys did pretty good overall on the airplane so I can't complain too much!  They had so much fun with their cousins and didn't want to leave!  I even got to see two of my dear friends that live there now. 

The only think I didn't like.....and living out west I forgot how much....were the mosquitos and humidity!  I can definitely do without those two things!  Other than that it was so fun and I really missed the WARMER ocean waters.  THe pacific is SO COLD!  Swimming in the atlantic was heaven compared to what we have here! I will be excited to go back in another few years!

6 Months

Yeah....downward slope!

Blurry but Jack's face cracks me up!
I am so excited to be on the downward slope of this pregnancy!  I was really hoping to enjoy every part of it but that just hasn't been the case.  I guess the older we get the harder it is to be pregnant.  Plus, having two kids now makes it a little more difficult too.  Mostly, I just hate my moodiness and short-temper and these DAMN veins! I have to wear support stockings every day or it is sore and gets a little swollen.  At least it is only one leg but I just pray they mostly go away like they did last time.  I had some at the end with Jack and they got better the minute I had him but they weren't this bad so we will see.  Other than that.....he just sits really low (like all my boys have) so I feel a lot of pressure if I stand too long.  Oh the joys of pregnancy!  I am trying to enjoy this summer but will be excited for school to start in a little over a month so that I can get back to a little easier schedule.  It will be helpful near the end and I can nap while jack naps. I have my 6 month appointment on Thursday so I will get the results of our ultrasound last month.  Hopefully this baby is growing like Dane did and not our big boy Jack!