Saturday, August 16, 2008

Newport Beach 08

We had a great time at Newport Beach this year! It is the time when the Turleys and Whiteheads (My mother-in-law's new husband's family) get together for some time at the beach. We had a packed week and here are some pictures to show it. I have a ton, so if anyone involved wants more, I can send them in a file to you. We went to an Angel's Game, the LA zoo, and spend the rest of our days at the beach. We even started a new tradition...the Turley/Whitehead Basketball game (Won by the Turley's this year). I have a pic of it below...Ike's showing some skills with the ball. It was a great vacation before I had to get back to work, which I started this week. I am really excited about my new job and Dane is finally starting to get used to his new montessori school and is really enjoying it now (which always makes a working mom feel more at ease). Hope you enjoy the pics of our vacation! THey are smaller pictures because there are so many, but if you click on them, I think they will enlarge.