Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sea World

We had a blast at Sea World yesterday! We went with an educational group and it was only like $6 per person! SO FUN! My friend, Holly, and her fam came too and the kids had so much fun together. Holly has two girls close to Dane's age and a baby girl a few months older than Jack so we have a lot of fun when we get together! We were also fortunate enough to have our husbands tag along on this trip too....which doesn't happen too often for either of us lately, so that was a bonus! Here are some pics from our day!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jack 4 months and a crazy March!

Jack is 4 months old, starting solids and growing faster than a weed! I can't belieive time is going by so fast! We had his last check up a few days ago and he is right on target with everything. Weight is average (14.5 lbs), height is at the top of the charts (forgot the number), and he is doing great! So far he has eaten rice cereal, bananas, carrots, apples and sweet potatoes. He is doing good with all of them. I am making use of my vita mix machine I won on the Price is Right WAY back in 1997 when I was a sophmore in college. That is the best thing I have EVER won...I would buy one if I didn't have one because it is the best machine! I am able to make my own baby food from fresh ingredients at a FRACTION of the cost and it is SUPER fast to do. I'm gonna try to do this all the way, because it will save money in the long run, and let's face it...there's not too much "Green" coming in right now, so every little bit helps.

Back to Jack...he is a pretty good baby still, but he has had some sleep problems recently. Could be due to the starting solids...not sure. He nurses a few times a day and gets formula and baby food a few times a day. He used to sleep 6-8 hours each night, but has been waking up once or even twice a night for the past 1.5 weeks. I think he is growing and hungry. Last night was better, so let's hope he gets back on his schedule soon, because mommy no likey! Oh, and the doc said his gums felt a bit swolen, so I'm guessing he will be teething shortly. He is almost rolling over from back to front...he gets to his side, but can't quite get all the way. (Tummy to back is easy for him now). He also still scoots his legs underneath him when on his tummy and manages to scoot forward a few inches. He is finding ways to move. Oh, and he loves to sit up in this walker...he can touch the ground and has pushed back a few times. (He can almost reach flat-footed. I guessing by the end of the month he will). He hates to have his hands in his nightly swaddle now, so I'm almost ready to just X that soon, but I feel bad that his hands get cold in the middle of the night. Guess is it getting warmer, though, and he will be fine! One last thing...he LOVES the "itsy bitsy spider" song, and if he is fussy he will quiet down if I start to sing it. I noticed it is on his baby einstein dvd that he watches whenever I am in the shower, or working around the house, so maybe that is why he likes it.

OK, a small update on the rest of us....Ike is CRAZY busy trying to finish the gym expansion and it is almost done. I held some fitness instructor auditions last week and found a few good ones, but am still looking for more. Mandi and I will probably teach a few classes where we can, so that will be a good chance to sneak our workouts in. Since she is in Hawaii for two weeks right now, I am having to be creative with finding time. It will be nice when the expansion is done so Ike can feel a little more refreshed...he has been working like a dog and he is feeling it! He is in the background stage of CA Hwy patrol, so we haven't heard anything for a while, but this is the longest part of the process. Our gym membership has been good and with the expansion almost complete and summer coming up, we expect another small boom in memberships (good for us, cause we need the extra income).

Dane has his good days and bad days, and has pushed our limits of patience recently, but I guess that's our fault partly because we have been so busy (Ike with the gym and me with Jack), that we haven't given him enough 1 on 1 time. I'm really trying to improve that, and he is so fun to play with when I actually sit down to do it. It is NEVER long enough for him. He loves to help cook dinner and bake (he likes to lick the bowl like every kid), so that is some good together time that we get regularly.

We are going to VA to see my family for a week near Memorial Day, so that will be a nice little vacation, and probably the only one we take all year (out of state at least). We are also going to Sea World with an "educational" group (of moms and kids) and we are getting in for a STEAL (what the school's pay I think) of like $7! We are also going to attempt some family pics this month, so hopefully they will turn out...if you don't see them, then they didn't turn out!!!!

That's the scoop.....more updates and thoughts later, but I have a crying baby in the background and dinner time is rapidly sneaking up!

This is what a week and a half of sporadic sleep on top of a few months of winter look like! Thank goodness the sun is coming out!!