Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mom's Visit

My mom and Aunt Brenda stopped here for a couple of days on their way back east. We had a great time and Dane just love-love-loved playing with "Nana" for two days! Thank you so much for stopping and we hope to see you again soon!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Disneyland - March 2009

We went to California last weekend and it was a nice weekend away. We wanted to get to Disneyland before our passes are blocked out for the summer and Ike has to leave for Mexico. It wasn't too crowded and we had a lot of fun! I put the rest of the album up on my facebook page, so if you want to see can look there! We are hoping to go back again for my spring break in April, so hopefully it will be warm enough then to go in Grandma's pool! If anyone will be in town (Cali) during April 4th-10th, then let me know so we can hook up!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

And February Ends!

Well, we are glad that February is OVER! It was a stressfull month with Ike looking for a job and us not knowing what's going to happen next in our lives, but things are finally more clear now. (I just think of that song that goes...."I can see clearly now the rain is gone...") Although nothing is concrete until it happens, we have received reassurance that by the end of the month everything will go down. So what is it? Well, in a nutshell...Ike's bro, Kyle, has offered him a job as a project manager/superintendant on the project he is developing on his land down in La Paz, Mexico in Baja Sur. So Ike will probably be moving down there to get started near the end of the month, if all goes well. I will stay here with Dane and then move down in June when my school year is over. Viva Mexico! It sounds like a big decision to move out of the country, and it is, but it has definitely fallen in our laps at the right time when NOTHING and I mean NOTHING else has surfaced. Any job lead Ike has had in the last month has fallen through and it is getting down to crunch time financially. So, that is our plan for now. It will be a great resume-builder for Ike in the construction field and it couldn't come at a better time. It will be fun brushing up on my spanish and teaching Dane and Ike, too. La Paz is a short flight to California, so we will be able to come back to visit frequently.

That's our life in a just never know where we will be next. So, unless something major happens from now until the end of the month, we will be moving abroad for a little while. La Paz seems like a great place to live...check it out online. It is fairly modern (it is the capital of Baja) and has a population of about 150,000 - 200,000. Yes, it is another country, but don't forget....I've lived in Mexico before, so there is no culture shock for me. I am excited to embrace the culture once again. Hopefully it will be a great adventure for us.

Well, finally, here are a few pics once again of what we have been up to...not much, just enjoying this last weekend of February in the 70 degree temps (finally). We will definitely miss the trampoline when we move, but hey...La Paz has a Wal-mart and Sam's club, so getting another one down there would be a breeze!

Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes while we have been trying to figure out our next move the past month. Soon the stress will be over! Love to all!