Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another comparison..

I love comparing Dane and Jack at different stages. Today I found this pic of Dane when he had just turned 1 and I realized Jack was wearing the same little 8 months! It is a 12 month I thought I should put them side by side to compare. I think Jack will be a little bigger than Dane!

Dane at about 1 year.

Jack at 8 months, wearing the same shirt!

This also proves that Jack is coming into his own look....he doesn't look too much like his brother as he grows. I think Ike may stake claim on one yet!

A little summer update...

Well, we have been waiting for a few job prospects to come through, so I haven't updated in a while. We still have the gym, but I'm gonna take over a lot of the responsibility and Ike is going to work another job. We have been waiting for quite a few weeks to hear something and can't really make any future plans until we hear back from one in particular, so until then we still wait. On a good note, we go to Newport beach for two weeks with the Whitehead/Turley clan starting this Saturday, so we are really excited for that. We really haven't done anything big since our VA trip and now it's almost the end of summer and before I know it Dane will be in Kindergarten.....where has the time gone? I hope he transitions well.

Here are a few cute random pics of all my boys!

Jack is such a good mellow! We just carted him around the outlets in Cabazon last weekend and he just went with the flow. I love this pic...this is a common face he makes!

We promised Dane we would go see the dinosaur after we went was our bribe for him. He actually held up pretty well during our short shopping spree for new school shoes and swim trunks for the boys.

Dane has never wanted to wear a tie (or button-up shirt) for church, so the one day he does, we don't have anything that matches, so this is what he wore. Luckily, he got sick of it after about 20 min, and took it I didn't have to explain to anyone that he dressed himself!!