Sunday, May 16, 2010


I thought it would be fun to start making comparisons between Dane and Jack at different stages. Here's the first one at about 5 months old for both of them. Dane is just over 5 months and Jack is just under 5 months. Can you tell which is which? I think as Jack grows older, he is starting to look less and less like Dane. They still have some similarities, but the eyes are the biggest difference. I think Ike and I will have one to look like each of us! In case you didn't know...the first and fourth are Jack and the second and third are Dane. Funny side note i realized yesterday at a bridal shower....Dane (in these pics) was 5 months at my cousin's wedding (Ashley), and Jack will be about the same at Ashley's Brother's wedding in a few weeks (Ryan)! Does this mean that the next time someone in their family gets engaged, I will be having another baby???? Yikes...Skyler, I know you are coming home from your mission soon, but wait a while before getting married, ok!!!!

Had to add this one in.....the classic pic of how kids can fall asleep ANYWHERE! Just after snapping the pic I promptly put him in his crib....didn't want him to stay that way for long! And yes....the thumb sucking is still going strong, but hey...he sleeps WAY WAY better than Dane ever did. 10-12 hours most nights!!