Saturday, October 11, 2008

And now we can relax....

I know it has been a while, but it has been a crazy month! We decided to back out on the house we were going to buy because the loan we wanted expired before we could close, so now we are renters again. We did find a nice, large single story with a yard big enough for Dane and Bo to have a little running room. (When I say big, that doesn't say much because it's Vegas). Anyway, I think it was a blessing in disguise not to get the house because the economy is so bad right now and we don't know how long we will be in Vegas...2 years, 10 years??? Who knows??

Anyway, here are some pictures of a weekend hike sponsored by Dane's montessori school. It was at Red Rock Canyon...and little did I know how much beauty there is (Mom...there is a whole other part we did not explore!) It was so beautiful, and I am definitely going back again and again to try other trails or maybe a jog or bike ride sometime. Too bad it was in the upper 40s when we first got there! We saw snow flurries on the way to the trail...yes, snow flurries in the desert! The highest point on the scenic route to get to the trail was about 4700 ft, so that explains it. Funny how three days ago I was sweating outside in 90 degree temps and today we saw snowflakes! Anyway...enjoy the pics! (click on them to enlarge and get a better look...I just realized I made them small)

The canyon is so's hard to believe you are in the desert when you are on a trail like this. Here is a shot of the view from one point on the trail.

This was at the end of the trail. There is a "seasonal" waterfall, but we missed the season for it. I think it is there in the spring after the winter snow melts in the mountains.

Dane's montessori teachers: Miss Jessica (L) and Miss Brianna (R)

There were tons of huge's one we were able to climb on

I love this picture...Dane looks so cute in hoods and hats