Sunday, February 6, 2011

Random Post but WAY OVERDUE!

Dane and friends jumping in a giant pile of leaves!  Fall fun in CA!

Splash Mountain....Dane's favorite!  Our last ride before it closed down...until MAY!  BOO!

Our little TFitness mascot, Jack...just hangin' around the gym!

Dane and Waimea at Knott's Berry Farm after Christmas. 

My contribution to our Superbowl Party:  Coco Krispy Footballs!  I ran out of my normal decorating frosting and had to make do, but they turned out ok I guess!
So, I haven't posted in a while, but I figured out camera was set to the best pixel setting and it took FOREVER to upload pics...hence, no blog posts for a while.  These all came randomly from my phone, so the quality isn't as good, but they popped right up!  Anyway, here's what we have been up to in a brief bulleted list:

  • Christmas at home and then with Ike's family
  • Visit from Ike's Dad and Cheryl with a fun trip to Knott's Berry Farm
  • New Years Eve was pretty uneventfull, and the Turley house was exhausted that day and went to bed before midnight.  (Sad, I know)  We just weren't feelin' it this year!
  • Busy time at the gym (of course) with the new year.....hopefully the trend continues
  • Jack started walking in December and is a pro now.  He is so fun right now and loves being outside, waving "hi", and he knows what a cow says!  We are teaching him new things all the time because he is a giant sponge right now!  He is 14 months old, has 8 teeth, is about 26 lbs, and wears a size 4.5 to 5 shoe and 18 month clothes.
  • Ike is still working his night job with YRC and I'm still running the gym, but I am only there mornings now, so that it nice because it gives me time to get things done at home and feel like I have some down time as well.  I started teaching a Personal Training class at Riverside Community College that meets for the next month on saturdays.  I loved our first class (minus the technology difficulties) and am thinking of applying for adjunct teaching positions in the PE or Education department.  It's more money for smaller class sizes of students that are actually interested in learning and don't act out like pre-pubescent (sp?) teenagers do! 
And that's what we have been up to!