Friday, August 31, 2007

The Potty Prince

Here's a great blackmail picture! So, we bought Dane a potty because he keeps taking off his diaper when it gets too wet, and today he had his first successful experience. Dane wasn't dressed yet from his bath, and looked like he needed to go. Sure enough, he splashed my ankle a little, but stopped when I yelled....NOOOOOOO! I ran him to the toilet and he used the potty for the first time (and got lots of praise and a Popsicle)! These pics were taken a few hours later when he took his diaper off and said potty (too bad it was already after he went in his diaper). We have a magazine rack by the potty and the second he sat down he grabbed one and started looking at was hilarious! I had to run and get the camera.

Oh, the joys and laughter that toddlers bring.........

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I just found out that if you click on the gets really big...maybe too big, but you can see more detail!

Newport Beach Trip

I made the pictures smaller since there are so many...if anyone wants larger photos, let me know and I can email them to was a much needed vacation after Ike worked so long and hard this summer.......

Dane loved the water until he got knocked over by a wave...then it took him a while to get comfortable again!

sand crabs anyone???

I call this one the Paparazzi pic. Ike and his brother, Josh (unintentionally posing) didn't know I took pictures of them.

Havin' a ball at the beach!
This bathing suit will never be worn again.....the clasp on the top busted and everything popped open on the beach! Luckily I was sitting down and my sister-in-law Mandi came to my rescue!

These are my favorite pics....

Fun in the sand...
The kids giving high fives to all the walkers, joggers, and bikers on the boardwalk!
Our boat trip around Newport Harbor

I haven't made a sand castle in a long brought back memories of the Outer Banks, NC.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Our Pups

Chip (white mini schnauzer, 8 months) and Bo (black lab, 31/2 months). They are the sweetest things. Chip was a mother's day gift, then Ike brought home Bo a little over a month later. Chip is a little more high maintenance than Bo, who is just the sweetest and most mellow Lab ever! Chip gets jealous when I give my attention to other dogs, but he's still so sweet.

When I grow up....

I love this picture from Disneyland in June...they didn't know I took it.

Summer tans

Gotta take advantage of the summer when you live in a place with snowy winters. Gotta make the tans last......Newport we come.

First Post

Well, after careful consideration and the admiration of others' blogs, I decided that the Turleys would have one, too. It seems like such a more efficient way to let family and friends in on what happening with us! So here goes........

We are currently in Spanish Fork, Utah. I'm teaching PE part-time, and Ike is working construction while we are awaiting the right coaching opportunity. Last season he was coaching at Utah Valley University (it is a University now!). They had a great season, and now he is hoping for another opportunity, but sometimes it is hard to find the right fit in the coaching field. Dane, our son is 2 and he is a great kid, despite the new tantrums he is performing daily. I guess that getting rid of the binki does has some downfalls, although it is good in the long run. We are not planning any more little ones in the near future, but I know Dane would like to have a permanent I guess it could be under consideration. For now, though, there are tons of kids his age on our street, so he is not without playmates!

It has been a nice summer break for me, but I am gettin anxious to have a set routine again in a few weeks once school starts. Luckily my school worked with me on a part time schedule, so I can be with Dane by 12:15 every day and I have Fridays off. Not too bad, I say! I am also working on my Master's in Education, which will be completed by the end of next summer.

We have one more family vacation next week to Newport Beach, CA, and then it is back to the grind. I'm actually getting excited for Fall.....I love that we live in a place that has changing seasons again....sorry to all of our AZ and Hawaii friends....although you Hawaii people can't really complain. Hope this finds our family and friends well and happy!