Monday, August 29, 2011

Newport Beach 2011

Pierce, Duke and Dane

Angel's Game.  Dane didn't want to take a pic!

Beach favorite pic of Jack.

Riding back to the house with the beach gear!

Emma, Brayden, Duke, Dane just chillin'

Jack and cousin, Dean

Big Boys waiting to play dodgeball at Sky High  trampoline gym.

Emma and Waimea

Jack loved his new cousin, Becca, and he is showing her his eye!

Pic from the roof of the beach house on a gorgeous morning.

Chillin' at the beach.
 We had a great trip this year and here are a few pics of what we did.  The first week was beautiful every single day and there was tons of sunshine so we hung out at the beach almost every day.  The second week wasn't quite as sunny so we took a boat ride where we say hundreds of dolphins out in the open ocean...AMAZING ...(I didn't get someone else will have to post).  We also went to Sky High trampoline gym.  It was fun flipping around and watching the big boys play dodgeball.  There is even a foam pit that you can jump into and try crazy tricks.  It brought me back to my gymnastics days and it was so fun and a great workout jumping around like that.  I did tweak my back trying to do a back handspring on the tramp (something I should never do anymore because my back just doesn't arch like it used to) and it was sore for about a week but better now.  Just gotta stick to jumping and back bending!  We took some famiy pics too so I will post them when they are ready.  All in all it was a great trip and we look forward to it every year!