Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The long and merry Christmas Post!!

Before going to California for Christmas, we had a Christmas Party at Ike's cousin's house. We had a blast with Ike's aunt and uncle and cousins eating dinner, making gingerbread houses, playing games and playing carols with the bells. The picture of Duke is the game we played. I can't remember the name of it, but you have to roll the dice, and if you get a 1 or 6 you put socks on your hands and try to open a wrapped candy bar with a fork and knife. If you open it befor someone else rolls a 1 or 6, then you get to start eating it, but if not, you have to pass the candy bar, socks, and utensils to the next person who rolled the correct numbers.

Christmas Eve at the Baggley's house (I may have spelled their name wrong). They are part of our new extended family since Kathy (ike's mom) married Dave (Maryanne Baggley's Dad) about two years ago. We had so much fun and Maryanne made a fabulous dinner (kudos also to Debbie and everyone else who helped). We had a blast playing guitar hero (I sucked, so I stuck with playing the foot drum) and singing karaoke. The pajama party ideas was a hit and I love the new tradition for us!

Please help me convince Ike to get a hair cut!!! And for heavens sake...stand up straight! (I just realized how much he is hunched over....not flattering)

Dane's adorable cousin, Waiamea, trying to eat her orange from her stocking.....Geez Mandi...feed your kid!! (LOL) She was so cute to watch when she got her huge Mickey Mouse from santa. BTW, she turned one today...so Happy Birthday sweet girl!

There was the most beautiful rainbow outside on Christmas Morning. It rained the night before, so when we woke up we had an extra present! It was full, and I have a picture from both the front and back of Kathy's house to prove it.

Here are some of Dane's favorite toys. We didn't get a picture of his Kettcar that he got (think pedal go cart for toddlers) from Santa. We have some video, so maybe we can get that posted.

I love this classic Christmas face that Grandma Kathy had when she opened her I pod

We went to disneyland the day after Christmas, and only rode a few rides because it was so busy (we got passes for Christmas and had to get our pictures taken anyway, so we stayed a few hours). This is on the newly renovated Small World ride. I really liked how they changed it for the Christmas Season.

We didn't ride dumbo because the line was long (like all the other rides that day), so we just took a picture inside this stationary replica near the exit.

This is a picture of us on the Matterhorn ride. It was Dane's first time, and he got scared and didn't want to really ride anymore rides after that witout lots of "encouragement" from mom and dad. I tried to get a picture of his face during the ride.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yes, it's true.....SNOW IN VEGAS...and lots of it. Two snows in one week, to be exact! The first left an inch or two at the edge of town near the mountains, but this second one dumped on us good! These pics are of my niece and nephew at the park (and one of their street where they live). They got it worse than Ike and I did because they live about 15 minutes further south and the southern part of the valley got it bad! Today, though, it was warmer (in the 40s) and melted much of it. I did get a nice day off because they closed schools....so I say, bring it on again, so we don't have to go to school Friday as well! (Wishful thinking)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving in Washington

We spent Thanksgiving in Washington at Ike's Dad's house this year. It was a great trip, and we are glad to have had the chance to go visit again. The last time we were there was 4 years ago when I was about 10 weeks pregnant with Dane. Ike's Dad has moved out a little more into the country and has a few horses and some fun tractors and other animals that Dane loved. Ike's sister, Ginni, and her family were also there, so Dane got to see his cousin and best friend from when we lived in Utah...Pierce! They had a blast together. We split the trip up in the beginning into two days of driving (about 7 1/2 hours each). While we were there we visited with family, including Ike's Aunt Lynn that lives nearby and Ike's step brothers and sister. We had a bonfire one night, rode the tractors and horses (dane was too scared to get on the horse), and Ike played in his alumni game at his old Junior College where he went to school before transferring to BYU Hawaii. We also took Bo, and he was in heaven running around the property and chasing us in the tractor. I think he had a hard time with the colder temps though....I think living in Vegas the past 6 months has kept him from getting his winter coat that he usually got up in Utah this time of year. All in all, it was a great trip, and my only complaint is that we didn't have two days at the end of the weekend to drive home. The 15 hour drive in one day was insane, but we did it and we are now taking this week to wind down, do laundry, catch up on our favorite tv shows, and relax a little until our next trip to Cali at Christmas......thank heaven it is only a 3 hour drive!