Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For Kicks..

Nothing new to report yet, but I was sick of seeing the same post up here so I wanted to change it. Here's a funny story I will want to remember (so I'm writing it down)

Before dinner, Dane was playing with a flashlight and he wanted a candy cane (yes the left over ones from x-mas), so he first tried to sneak one from the pantry but we caught him. So Ike and I went about our business and after a few minutes I noticed it was pretty quiet so I looked around for Dane (I was still in the kitchen making dinner) and I noticed a light inside the pantry. We don't have a light in there because it is not very big at all...HMMM...so I open the door to find Dane hiding out and eating the candy cane we said he could not have and using the flashlight for light in the very small dark pantry that he locked himself in. It was freaking hilarious. Of course I took the half eaten candy cane away and told him that was naughty, but I don't think he got it because I couldn't keep a straight face while scolding him. He's a clever little devil. Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't get a picture of it! I love that kid!