Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dane's Kindergarten Graduation and last TBall game!

Dane's last TBall game was at the end of May and it was such a good season for him.  He really learned a lot and improved and loved every minute of his experience!  We will do it again next spring.  He is already excited to start a new sport in the fall...he is thinking basketball or soccer, but we will see!

He also graduated from Kindergarten the first week of June and he is so excited for first grade.  At first he didn't want to leave his teacher, Mrs. Wills (don't blame him cuz she is awesome), but she got the kids really excited for the next school year and he changed his mind.  I helped a lot in the classroom and with parties and activities so I got to know all the kids in the class pretty well.  It was fun!  Hope he enjoys first grade as much as he enjoyed kindergarten!