Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Do..

Since I am celebrating a new decade of life in a week and a half, I decided for new hair do too! I had the stylist straighten it for me (since I am not very good at it) and I will try a curly style tomorrow. I have never had a true "bob" style, so I thought I'd go for it! Hey...you only turn 30 once, right?

New Traditions??

We decorated the Christmas Tree last night and Dane started a new tradition.....Naked Decorating!! Sometimes he just really wants to hang out in his birthday suit. It was the funniest thing! He kept putting the ornaments on the tree in the same spot, so it was very uneven...but cute. (Mom fixed it when he wasn't looking) Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

5 Great Years

Yesterday (the 16th) was our 5th wedding anniversary. Since Ike had just gotten home from a team trip, we celebrated tonight. It has been 5 great years and I can't wait for the next 5 or 15 or 50. I love you Ike!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

My "SWEET" Son

I have to preface this picture by saying that I LOVE MY SON, and he looks so precious in this picture, but he has been a NIGHTMARE lately. I took this picture because it is funny, and it represents a SANE time for Ike and I. He was really sick a few weeks ago with ear infections and croup (sp?), but since he has gotten better he is a changed boy. He has OCD I think because he will only drink out of a certain sippy cup with a yellow lid (not blue), he will only wear one jacket and one pair of shoes, and he only wants to wear the diaper with the green blue's clues dog on it. Today was the last straw. It is now 5pm, and he is sleeping, but for the last few hours we have been fighting diapers with him. He will not wear one, and when Ike gave up, I decided to try letting him go "au Natural" (thinking he will go to his potty when he needs to go). He didn't and peed all over the ottoman he was sitting on, then came to tell me about it. (At least he owned up to his mistake). After punishing him and fighting with the diaper some more, I guess he realized he did wrong and kept the diaper on....then fell asleep on the stairs. He must have been really tired (hadn't had a nap all day until now), because if you look closely he is biting the stairs.

Anyway....if anyone else finds this story funny because they have been in similar situations with their kids....Please email me....maybe you will have suggestions on how to handle this TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TWOS behavior. (I thought I was going to miss out on the really terrible stuff...but ha ha...think again.)

Oh, and Thanks God for trying to teach us patience, but don't you think you've gone a little overboard? We get it!!