Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jack at 3 months

Tomorrow Jack will be 3 mo. old! He is growing so fast so i'm glad modern technology allows me to document it so easily! Here's what he's been doing:

*In 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.
*Loves to talk and coo....he really is a happy baby.
*He has deep blue eyes, and I think his hair will be darker than Danes....probably a good brown.
*His binki is a quick cry easy for mom to get just a few more things done at once.
*Still loves sucking that thumb or his hand...if he cries then suddenly stops, I know what has happened. I still put mittens on him sometimes, but he started sucking on his thumb over the mitten, so not sure if they help, but I will keep trying.
*Still loves to be swaddled to go to sleep but I always find him uncovered with his hand or thumb in his mouth when he wakes up!
*He is so wiggly!
*Occasionally rolls over front to back, but not consistant....doesn't really like being on his tummy.
*When he is on his tummy, he usually tucks his knees up unerneath him an ends up scooting himself forward......I know...Yikes...I'm not ready for any kind of movement yet!
*Usually sleeps 6-7 hours per night, but I think his 3 month growth spurt has disrupted that a little bit this week. Now, if I could only get my other child to stop waking up at night (he's in a scared phase) day BOTH will sleep through the night and I won't wake up feeling day.
*He still has his cowlick just above his forehead on his right side....don't think it's going away. I have tried combing it down and gelling it, etc, but I've given up and am letting it fall where it may! Maybe it will give him "character"...or maybe he will be yelling at me one day for not getting rid of it...who knows!
*He is definitely a mamma's boy right now (nursing is mostly the reason), but he really calms down when he is with me or in sight of me. Ike gets so frustrated sometimes because Jack will just start crying when he's holding him and there's really no reason....then he comes to me and he calms down quickly. I will take that as long as I can...because when Dane turned 1 or 2, he became all about Dad, and has been that way ever since.
*Jack is growing similarly to Dane...longer torso and smaller legs, so he grows out of shirts faster than pants...Long and lean just like their dad! Ike jokes that my family's "short" genes have doomed Dane, but maybe there is hope for Jack! Truth is, Ike didn't get his growth spurt until later in high school and kept growing through his mission! So, we have some time Ike!!!

I'm sure there is more, but I just can't think right now, and I'm hearing some crying behind me, so we know what that means!!

Hiking Mt. Rubidoux

I love having someone near you that you can work out with! Mandi and I have always loved working out together.....we did it with our girls (Elika and Ashley) in Hawaii and now that we live near each other again....and we had babies at the same time.....And like to work out at the same level, it is PERFECT! She comes up twice a week and one of us watches all the kids at my house, while the other goes to TFitness and works out (helps to own a gym, I guess)!! Then, another 2 days a week (most weeks), we have been hiking up the paved trail at Mt. Rubidoux in Riverside. It is absolutely GORGEOUS right now and we have had some rain on and off for a while, so the sunny days are just beautiful. 70 degrees and visibility for MILES yesterday when we went.....I just love that I can be outdoors in FEB! I know I have to enjoy it now, because the HOT days are just a few months away and we may not get to do this then because I don't know if it is possible to get up and out the door early enough to catch the cooler morning weather then, but we will see! For now, it is GREAT! For all my loved ones in colder are always welcome to come to the sunshine!!!

This is looking down on the back side of the mountain, opposite from the direction where we live. I love the sweeping clouds and snow capped mountains in the pretty. You can see the paved trail we use and there is also an airstrip down at the bottom. Sometimes the planes come really close and the kids love it!

I tried to get a pic of Dane and his cousin, Waimea, saluting the worked okay, but they looked a little more like they were shielding their eyes.

THis is Mandi pointing toward the Overlook area where Kathy lives...from the top you have a 360 degree view and it was so clear yesterday.

Me and Dane!

At the top with downtown Riverside behind us. Oh, and I'm sportin' my "new-used" has been awesome so far!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love craig's list

Bought a few things off of craig's list lately and I'm loving the deals for baby a double jogger, bumbo, and play mat all in great shspe and got great deals! Here are some pics...oh, and one random one of all the boys....check out Ike's hair...time for a cut??