Monday, March 24, 2008

Ike's Birthday and New Job

Ike is 31 today and what is he doing??? Laying tile! We purchased it last summer but couldn't put it in because the basketball season was so busy, so here he is...on his birthday...willing to work! He did get to play golf this weekend, and he is playing ball tonight, so he is getting to do some enjoyable activities at least.

Here are a few interesting facts about him you may or may not know....

He is a jack of all trades...and is such a handyman. He can do almost anything, and get this...he likes doing it! He has been wanting to do projects ever since the b-ball season ended. He has created some wonderful additions to our home including a HUGE deck, vinyl fence, yard (grass, shrubs, etc), a playhouse for Dane, a doghouse for Bo (that he sadly never really used), countless shelves, paint (I helped), and the latest project...the kitchen tile!

He is so comical and has a great sense of humor. He gets along with pretty much EVERYONE and is such a fun person to be around...and he doesn't take life to seriously (something I have fallen more victim too as I have aged). I used to enjoy the spotlight, but now I just enjoy watching him in it!

He is very opinionated and dependable. When he decides to do something, he usually does it. This is very helpful when I need to clean up the house. (He is very good at sorting through messes in about half the time it takes me....he just gets it done). This can be bad, because sometimes he just keeps working until the job is done....but he does take pride in his work!

He puts family first and actually likes hanging out with us. (He's not one of those husbands or dads who works, comes home and sits around or ignores his family). He is so great with Dane and will play with him when I need time to work on my Master's class assignments, or when i need to just get away for a bit. Sometimes I think he might enjoy the playing just as much or more than Dane.....but I love that!

He is spontaneous....wich I usualy like, unless I want to make plans in advance for a trip or something...then he just wants to "wait and see when the times draws near".

There are many more things I could list, but I don't want this turning in to a novel. Even though he probably won't read this, I wanted everyone else to know what a great guy he is! Dane and I are so lucky! Happy Birthday...we Love you!

The second part of this post involves Ike's new Job. He accepted a job with the Korte Company (commercial construction company)in Las Vegas, so it looks as though we will be heading back down there. Ike starts work in a week, but I will stay in Utah until the end of my school year at the end of May. Hopefully, then Dane and I will be able to join him in Vegas (we need our house to if you know anyone moving to the area.....let us know...we have a great place!) So, for all of you who visit Vegas...let us know when you come into town...our door will always be open!

Easter Weekend

Here are a few pics of Easter Weekend. We had an easter egg hunt for the kids on our street, then we had a BBQ with Ginni, Joe, and kids for Ike's B-day. (His real birthday is today...the 24th). Ike got to go golfing during the was what he wanted to do for his b-day. Luckily the weather has been BEAUTIFUL lately and I hope it keeps up! Happy Easter everyone!

Here's Dane and his cousins, Pierce, and baby Shelby. Dane and Pierce have so much fun together and they cry when they have to leave each other. It's too bad they don't live closer so they could play everyday!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cousin Nick's Wedding

Last weekend I attended my cousin's wedding in Austin, TX. It was such a great weekend and I am so thrilled that Nick's new wife, Adriana, is so awesome. I really enjoyed meeting her and her family...they are great people. I also am so grateful I could spend some quality time with my Dad's side of my family, whom I haven't seen in a few years. Thank you for a great time...I love you all!

Here are a few pics from the weekend.....and hopefully I will have some more when I get some forwarded to me from my family.

Here is my family that attended the wedding...l-r: Step-mom Kathy and Dad, Grandma Keim, Nick and Adriana (She is such a cute and fun girl), Aunt Beth and Uncle Gregg (Nick's parents), and me.

This picture doesn't do the reception justice. It was at the historic Driskell hotel and it was GORGEOUS! You may get a better view by clicking on the picture to enlarge it. It was a GRAND event!

If you look closely, under the SUSHI-YA, and in smaller print, it says created by Brittany Joy Cune. Brittany is my cousin (Nick's sister) who passed a way a few years ago in a car accident. She worked for this grocery store as a graphic designer and designed this sign for the sushi bar. It is in every store as a tribute to her. You could feel her presence throughout the weekend.

I stayed with my friend, Amy, who had just moved outside of Austin with her husband. Their property was so cool...with a pond, cute cottage style house, and 8 acres for their farming.

This was at the rehearsal dinner. Dad and I being silly for the camera.