Monday, June 30, 2014

Luke's Birth Story...So I don't forget!

Although Luke is 20 months old,  I never wrote down his birth story so I wanted to do that now so I don't forget completely.  Luke wasn't due until November 1st but I was really hoping for an October birthday so I could have fun Halloween parties for him!  The night of Oct 16th I woke up somewhere in the 1 am hour and noticed my underwear was wet so I went to the bathroom.  I thought maybe I just leaked out a little since it was hard hold it in being near the end of my pregnancy, but it seemed like a little more than it should be so I changed my underwear and used a pad just in case my water was breaking (although two weeks before my due date seemed really early for me).  I laid back down but of course couldn't go back to sleep because I was hoping that I was going to go into labor but had no contractions (I never have any painful contractions until I actually go into labor because any Braxton hicks I have are just a tightening with no pain).  I decided to go watch tv for a few minutes and sure enough, over the next 30 min or I realized I was leaking fluid and thought my water would break soon so I woke up Ike.  He gets up so early to go to work and he said he wanted to go back to sleep until I was ready to go to the hospital since I still hadn't had contractions.  (He didn't believe me I think)  I can't remember which happened water breaking or my first set of contractions but both happened within about an hour of me waking up initially.  My contractions were regular, fairly close together, but manageable.  My second child, Jack, came SO FAST that I didn't have time to have an epidural, and I didn't want to make that mistake this time. Since by water had broken, I knew it was time to go to the hospital even though my contractions were not that strong. I called my Aunt Saunna next door and she came right over to stay with the kids while they were sleeping so Ike could take me in.  When we got to the hospital (I think around 3 am) they checked me to confirm my water broke and admitted me.  They checked my records and, I don't remember this, but I guess I was positive for the group B strep so they started my antibiotics since I told them about my fast labor last time.  I requested an epidural right away because my contractions were getting stronger but still manageable.  I didn't want to take any chances.  Within an hour of getting to the hospital I got my epidural and just as it was kicking in the contractions started getting pretty strong so I am glad I didn't wait and for another reason later.  My mom got to the hospital in time for the birth and I was glad to have her there.  It wasn't long before I was ready to push and like the other boys, Luke came out pretty smoothly after a few rounds of pushing....I have really good birthing hips!  So I got to hold him and really enjoyed it this time then they took him to check him out and do the normal newborn stuff and the doc had to stitch me and get the placenta out.  Everything seemed to be going fine and Ike, Mom and I were all talking and gushing over Luke then I noticed it was taking them a while to get my placenta out.  The others came out no problem with a push or two but this doc was doing some massaging and pulling and NADA!  She kept asking for the time from the nurses and after 20 min they brought in someone else to try to get it out.  This little lady came in and I am not kidding....threw her whole arm up inside me to get the thing out.  If I didn't have my epidural I would have been in serious PAIN! It was uncomfortable even with the epidural but not really painful. There was so much tugging and pulling, and pushing on my abdomen and finally after about another 10 min or maybe longer or her doing that, it came out.  It looked all funny too.  I am so glad I was able to get to the hospital in time to actually enjoy this last labor and he was the perfect addition to our family!  He was born  Luke Isaac Turley on OCT. 17, 2012 at 6:58 am.  7lbs 8oz 18.5 inches long.

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