Friday, April 6, 2012


Good news!  I am pregnant for the 3rd and FINAL time!  I have always thought that 3 would be my number and I wanted this last one about 3 years apart from Jack and we are pretty darn close with a due date of Nov. 1st.  I am hoping for an Oct birthday though so we can have Halloween parties!  Although I had forgotten this because it hasn't been celebrated in quite a few years since he passed, but Nov. 1 is also my grandpa's birthday so that would be cool too!  So I am 10 weeks along and things are great now but we did have a little scare in the very beginning with some unexpectec bleeding which freaked me out pretty good because I never had that with the other two.  I went to the E.R. and while I was there the bleeding stopped but I was still put on modified bed rest (ha ha...for me that is tragic) and a follow up was needed since they saw a small spot of blood in utero with the baby.  I took it SUPER easy for about two weeks and then I gradually started doing normal things again as I felt up to them. Since I never had any cramping, and the bleeding never came back, I never did the follow up until this week when I had my regular scheduled first appointment.   Although I felt strongly that things were ok (plus the increasing/continuing all day nausea was a good sign) it was still a relief to see and hear the heartbeat.  We also got our first pic of our little one...pretty good one since I was already 10 weeks.  So we are off and running and very excited for the next 6 months!  I am also feeling a little better I am hoping sometime in the next week or so the nausea will be totally usually happens close to 12 weeks for me.

I also talked to my doc about my almost non-existant labor with Jack and how, even though it is 6 1/2 months away, I am concerned I will get to the hospital fast enough this time around.  She said I will just need to go in when labor starts and let them know how fast my last labor was so they take me seriously, but we still have a while to worry about that. 

So since this is my last planned pregnancy, I really want to make sure I document it well like the others and of course I am hoping for a girl....almost everyone in my family is....except for Ike!  He just doesn't think he has any girls in him.  I know the real reason though is becasue he is just intimidated by girls and all the things he has to deal with in worrying about them as they grow.  They are just different than boys!  If it is meant to be then it will be and I will be happy with another boy too....but I would really LOVE just one this is our last shot!  Sometimes I try to analyze my pregnancy so far to see if it is any different from my last two and since it is still early it is hard to tell.  Some things are the same and some are different.  I'm really not showing yet so I can't tell if I am carrying high or low (my pants sure are tight though and I have retired some already).  I carried low and right in front with both boys.  It literally looked like I had a basketball under my shirt!  The nausea has been a little was more intense in the beginning.  I did not want to eat anything and when I did it HAD to be whatever I was craving right at that second which meant a lot of special lunch trips out with Jack. Then the last few weeks have been more similar to what I remember, being average/mild but lasting all day. (Can't remember if it lasted all day last time though??)  I have had some similar food cravings (salty stuff) but then some other cravings that were different.  This week I have had cravings for cinnamon rolls, potato salad, and cucumbers in vinegar (i know, sounds wierd but I actually like that normally is a Keim family thing).  Two major differences that I can tell are that I have a majorly heightened sense of smell.  Strong smells are not good for me and I have a hard time changing Jack's dirty diapers!  Good excuse to start potty training....if he would only get on board!  The other major difference is that I feel a lot more crabby and short tempered.....maybe because of the stress in the beginning and the all day nausea.  Sorry my family has had to deal with that but they have been really good and Ike has been very understanding.  Hopefully that time has passed though (the crabbyness...not the Ike being understanding thing)  LOL! 

Here is a pic of the baby at 10 weeks..........head is at the bottom and feet on top!  I swear the baby is covering HER face with her hand too....I say HER because maybe it is a girl and she already doesn't like her picture being taken!!  LOL!  Wishfull thinking!

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