Friday, April 27, 2012

3 months

I like to take belly pics each month to compare growth in my pregnancy.  Here is 3 months...a few days shy of 3 months.  It doesn't seem like much but I like to start taking pics when I notice a difference! With Dane I didn't start taking pics until about 5 months because I wasn't showing until then.  With Jack I started showing between 3 and 4 months although it was pretty easy to hide until the 4th month still.  I guess I am following the trend of showing just a little earlier with each pregnancy.  I usually pop out pretty good between 5 and 6 months so we will see if this time I follow the same trend.

Nausea is pretty much gone.  If I eat too much at once then I feel a little unsettled....but that's just a good excuse not to overeat I guess!! I am hoping now to just enjoy this pregnancy from here on out!  Well, I will be able to enjoy it more and relax after I find out the sex of course!! Some friends told me about an ultrasound place in Newport Beach that does scans as early as 14 weeks for a great price, so I think we may go sometime in the next two weeks.  That will be fun.....hopefully the news will be PINK....but I haven't been able to get a clear feeling about it this time around.  With the last two I was pretty sure I was having boys and I was totally happy about that.  Two boys in a row was easy....but now I would like to try my hand at a girl.  It's out of our control and we will be happy (and done) no matter what.

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