Thursday, June 14, 2012


Here's the 4 month belly pic.  I started having problems with vericose and spider veins which I didn't expect so soon.  I thought maybe near the end like with Jack but the saying is true that these things get worse with each pregnancy.  So I get to wear "cute" support stockings in hopes that these things go mostly away like last time.  They do help though, so I can get over the granny look!  On a good note...about week 15 we found out we ar having our 3rd BOY!  Very exciting although at first I was surprised because I really thought it was a girl.  Guess my intuition was wrong this time!  Sometime between weeks 18-19 I started feeling him move so that is very exciting and makes everything more real!

Month 5 Belly!  A few weeks ago I had a lot of hip pain so I figured my hips were stretching and preparing for the baby to pop out and I know by this time next month there will be a huge difference.  I usually have a lot of growth throughout this month so we will see.  We had my 20 week ultrasound today and in a few weeks I will find out how his growth is.  Let's just hope he is growing more like Dane than like Jack.....mama would like a smaller baby this time around please!  Still wearing the support stockings and they are not going anywhere.  Total weight gain so far is about 12 lbs so I am right where I want to be right now.  Trying to fit in workouts gets harder as I get bigger but I try to get some weights in once a week if a I can and do walking or swimming on other days whenever I can fit it in.  We have a very busy summer planned so the next two months will fly by!

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